It’s no secret that moving can be a pretty stressful process. If you’re in the position where you’re dealing with a cross-country move, you’ve probably done a considerable amount of research first. Your research will show you that a cross-country move, especially finding movers, can be pretty expensive.

However, if you implement the following hacks, you can bring down the costs dramatically.

1. Get used boxes.

Used boxes are beneficial when you’re trying to pack up and keep expenses low. Call different grocery stores to find out when they’ll be getting new shipments in.

Ask them to set some boxes aside for you. That way, you’ll save a lot of money on a major item you need.

2. Declutter and sell.

Get absolutely clear on what you want to keep. Take a look at the items you truly enjoy and actually use. If you don’t use it, sell it or donate it. Be relentless about the decluttering process.

3. Plan your meals ahead of time.

A huge chunk of money tends to go toward fast food. While it’s not bad to purchase food while you’re on the road, try to keep it to a minimum.

Those stops at McDonald’s can add up. Instead, consider making delicious sandwiches for the road. Keep them on ice. Pack snacks and drinks to keep in the icebox. If you stop for a cup of coffee, that won’t break the bank.

Even if you stop for food when you arrive in your new city, that’s not as bad as purchasing meals three times a day for a few days.

4. See if the company cover moving expenses.

If you are moving across the country because of your employer, find out if they are willing to pay for your moving expenses. If this is the case, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of someone else covering the bill. This means your move would be completely free!

5. Use trash bags as garment boxes.

Many moving companies love to sell garment boxes. While they are fancy and efficient, try a cheaper option like trash bags.

Take unused trash bags, and place them over a bunch of clothing items on hangers. Use the trash bag in the same way you’d use a garment bag. It’s quick, easy and inexpensive.

6. Sell large furniture.

Unless it’s a precious heirloom, you don’t need to ship that sectional sofa across the country. Sell it for a reasonable price, put the money in a savings account and get new furniture on the other side. It costs more to get a larger truck. Plus, you’d also have to spend more to cover gas for a larger truck.

7. Use personal items as packing materials.

Instead of purchasing tons of bubble wrap to keep fragile items protected, use clothes, socks, and pillows as cushioned support. Once you’ve packed those boxes up, make sure that you mark them as fragile.

If you need paper to wrap up the fine china, collect free newspapers and magazines to get the job done.

8. Rent a truck and drive it with friends.

One of the most expensive parts of a major move involves hiring help. If you work systematically and intentionally, you don’t need to hire movers. Instead, label boxes, and pack all of your belongings in a methodical manner.

Start early. Pack the items that you’re not using this season first. When it’s time to load the truck, host a moving party. Ask a bunch of friends to help you with the heavy lifting. See if a few more friends are willing to help you drive across the country.

In order to help the move run smoothly, plan everything in advance. Create a checklist to help you remain consistent and focused on making the move as efficient as possible. Once you keep yourself on track, you’ll also decrease the amount of stress you experience during the cross-country transition.


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