Moving is stressful. Moving across the country to Las Vegas can be downright overwhelming. There are so many things to take care of. You need to make sure things at your new house are ready for you when you get there, and you need to make sure that everything is packed correctly and loaded in a moving truck, so they do not get damaged in transport.

One of the big items you need to take special care with is your television. Televisions are fragile and, often times, expensive. So, you want to make sure the television is packaged properly.

Steps for Moving Your TV

Here are some tips to make sure your television gets to its destination in one piece and without damage.

  • You can use movers that are familiar with packaging special items, like a television. If you choose to let the moving company pack your television, you do not want to use a company that does not know how to pack it correctly for cross-country transportation. However, you can decide to do it yourself. If this is the case, make sure you get a kit that some companies sell that helps you package your television properly.
  • Make sure the power cord is unplugged and wrapped securely.
  • Protect the flat screen television. This can be done using foam pieces that are adhered to the television using plastic wrap. This will prevent the television from shifting inside the box you are going to ship it in.
  • When putting the television in the box, make sure it is upright and secure. Preventing it from touching the sides of the box will ensure that it does not get scraped or damaged from movement caused during transportation.
  • If there is extra room in the box, you should use blankets or furniture pads to fill in any gaps between the television and the side of the box. This creates padding to keep the television safe.
  • When moving the box with the television, make sure the box is always upright. If the box is jostled around and falls over, it can cause damage to the screen that is probably not fixable. This would mean that you would have to buy another television.
  • If you use a moving company to package your television for you, make sure you see them following all these guidelines. Because if your television gets to its destination and it is damaged, you want to have knowledge about how it is packaged. This would be beneficial to know in case you have to file a claim for the television.
  • Some moving companies might use a crate to package your television. This might be done if your television is a larger model and will not fit in a traditional television box.
  • You should ask the moving company how they will be transporting the television and any other fragile items. Understanding how they are going to operate will give you peace of mind that your items are going to get to their destination in good working order.

So, when packaging your television, it is important to follow some basic steps to make sure everything goes as planned. Do your research and ask the movers questions so you can be as prepared as possible, whether you are doing the packaging yourself or not.

This will reduce your stress and create a seamless move for you and your family.


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