As any resident of Las Vegas will tell you, there is much more to Sin City than the glitz and glamour of the famed Strip. When making the decision to move to Las Vegas, it is important to look beyond the neon lights and consider what it is truly like to live in this desert paradise.

Here are a few tips to remember before you embark on your new adventure:


Unlike many metropolitan areas with an abundance of public transportation options in a concentrated area, the urban sprawl is very much an issue in Las Vegas. Because of the vast amount of space, it is hard to get around without a personal vehicle.


Residents of Las Vegas are fortunate to have America’s playground in their backyard. New transplants delight in the many vacation options just down the road. Rather than spend money traveling elsewhere, consider staycations so that you can take advantage of all of the last-minute deals not available to those that are not local.


After being hit hard by the mortgage crisis, real estate values have been on the rebound and are rising quickly. Buying sooner rather than later will ensure that you get in while the prices are still affordable. Because of the large amount of land available to be developed, there are plenty of options for any budget.


The vast amount of outdoor recreational opportunities in the Las Vegas area make it incredibly easy to get outside and connect with Mother Nature. The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area boasts a vast network of hiking and biking trails while the waters of nearby Lake Mead are a haven for those who love being out on the water.

Although the summers of Las Vegas can be scorchers, the moderate climate during other times of the year is conducive to spending time outside.


Because the city is mostly built on the unique bedrock of the region, there are important considerations to be made that newcomers might not be aware of. The hard and dry rock makes it difficult to dig holes in the ground and garden, so plan your landscaping accordingly.

Floods are also common during the monsoon season because the ground is not able to absorb rainfall as efficiently.


There are many vibrant suburbs in the Las Vegas metropolitan area. Savvy residents take the time to explore these gems even if they do not live in them.

The downtown Summerlin area features a bevy of shopping and dining areas while the town of Henderson boasts a myriad of interesting attractions and things to do.


Explore the cultural side of Las Vegas at the monthly downtown First Friday event. A series of vendors selling homemade items provide the backdrop for this vibrant community gathering place. This event is the ideal place to celebrate the city’s diversity and connect with your neighbors.

Welcome to Las Vegas!


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