Make Moving Your Bedroom A Breeze

When moving your home to a new state or down the road, it’s important to make packing as easy and efficient as you can. While packing your kitchen merely requires safety and lifting, your bedroom is generally your sanctuary for special memorabilia and personal products.

We’ve put together a simple guide to packing your bedroom and moving your personal belongings to your next adventure. Think simple on your move, and you’ll have less to unpack while still keeping sentiments of your personality.

Four Quick Tips For Moving Bedrooms

1. Organize your closet beforehand

It’s important to prepare before tacking your closet of clothes. Set aside a day for closet clean out if you have time before moving. Make it a de-stress day with good music and a plan.

Experts suggest to divide your clothing into three piles: Keep, Donate, and Trash. Choose clothing items you wear regularly or will live through the trends. Donate apparel that doesn’t fit you or your style but remains in good condition. Trash or recycle stained and ripped clothing that doesn’t benefit anyone.

2. Keep your bedding clean and safe

Your bedding sets are sure to be bulky and take up room without proper storage. When you’re ready to move, wash your bedding beforehand as you may not have a chance to when you reach your new place.

If you already have bedding bags, try to keep sets together. If not, this Cleveland, OH moving company recommends looking to vacuum sealed bags and totes you can label. This prevents dust and dirt during the move.

3. Protect knickknacks and artwork

You’ll want to treat your decor as delicate as your dishes in order not to damage any special items. A low-cost way to pack knickknacks is in recycled newspaper. You can also visit the store or post office for bubble wrap and cartons meant for moving fragile items.

Try to sort your decor into similar packages and label each top, so you know what’s important. You may also benefit from donating items to charity stores or try your luck at selling them on the internet.

4. Hire a team for moving furniture

Your last step should be moving your bed and other important furniture. If your move lasts weeks, you’ll need at least a bed in your old place to rest your head at night. Dressers can be moved with a professional team as long as you stow away clothing and shoe wear you’ll want for the time being.

An easy and fun way to make moving furniture more enjoyable is to enlist the help of family and friends. By planning a day of fun rather than work, you can find a team of gracious movers that will get the job done. Consider offering pay, barter, or a housewarming party with food and drink for all.

Don’t worry if you’re in a rush and don’t have time to plan your move. These simple tasks can also be done last minute with a quick schedule and focus on what’s important to you.


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